espresso machine down

I'm working from Victrola. For this, for being one of those solo-table-hogging, typing drones, I apologize.

And the espresso machine is "down." Poor machine. Everyone hopes you're back up soon.

Beverage: bancha green tea.
Mood: fizzy.
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Read while at Victrola.

Art, I suppose, is only for beginners, or else for those resolute dead-enders, who have made up their minds to be content with the ersatz of Suchness, with symbols rather than with what they signify, with the elegantly composed recipe in lieu of the actual dinner.

- Aldous Huxley (from Doors of Perception)

More Victrola LJ Fun

I hope, if I keep posting random stuff on here, maybe the community will become active. I think it could be pretty fun. I'm in the Cafe a few times a week. Come up and say hi. I look pretty much like my icon... but with glasses.

This evening they are playing a lot of David Bowie music. This is good. It's not too loud and it's interesting. Hey, there's a thought... comment on the music you'd like to hear in the Victrola. Maybe there's a small chance the ownership actually reads this LJ and will pay attention!
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    David Bowie - Star Man


Has anybody else ever noticed that the "Whisk" restroom has the rather faint, pleasant aroma of a freshly cleaned hamster cage? I'm not going nuts, right? Right?
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    the bluegrass band that's playing in here